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NIIT has impacted over 35 million learners since its inception in 1981. Check out what some of NIIT's former students have to say about NIIT, how the organization helped them build their talent as well as careers and the benefits they derived in the real world, through their association with NIIT.

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Name : Rameshwar Ambhure

Course & Center : PGDB, Pune

Company & Role : Axis Bank , Officer

“I dropped out of school after class 8, since my family was going through a financial crisis. I worked as a farmer, on construction sites, as a painter, housekeeper and office boy. My sincerity and dedication was observed by my manager who supported me in completing my education. I completed class 10, and later Class 12, scoring 68 percent in the exam. This success motivated me to enrol for graduation. In my third year of college, while I was working as a security guard, I got to know about IFBI, which truly changed my life.
IFBI made me confident and ready for the job. It gave me a chance to learn from top faculty members like Viswanathan Sir, Amitabh Sir, Neelkanthan Sir, Murthy Sir and Andrue Sir. I learnt professionalism from these experts. Finally, I cleared my B.Com exams and earned my PGDB with a first class in 2012.
IFBI then offered me an opportunity to interview with the Axis Bank, which selected me as an Officer. I have achieved my goal, but I think this is just the beginning. My next milestone is becoming an Assistant Manager at the bank”.

Name : Dinesh Sethi

Course & Center : PGDBO, NPFirst, Delhi

Company & Role : Bank of Tokyo

“NIIT gave me great knowledge and skills and inspired me to move ahead. The faculty and atmosphere at NIIT were simply awesome. I received special coaching, which helped me build my career. I believe IFBI is the one-stop-solution for all knowledge on banking.
I would like thank Subramanian Sir and Soni Sir, whose classes I loved and never grew bored of. You helped us get organized, motivated, and above all, interested in learning, which was no small feat. You, as teachers, never showed me the way. Rather, you encouraged me to search for the path myself. I am currently working with one of the top ten banks in the world and I would like to say thank you”.

Name : R Rinold Miranda

Course & Center : PGDBO,IFBI, Hyderabad

Company & Role : Axis Bank, Assistant Manager

“IFBI gave me a chance to enter the banking industry at a time when I was struggling with a financial crisis and supported me in achieving my ambitions. IFBI played a very important role in my life. The support and knowledge provided by Srinivas Sir, Padmavati Ma’am and Shafi Sir (Hyderabad) helped me get on to my career path. No matter where I am, I will l never forget the role IFBI has played in my life”.

Name : Deepak Singh

Course & Center : PGDBO, Delhi

Company & Role : Yes Bank, Deputy Manager

“The training period at IFBI really changed my life. I transformed and matured owing to the guidance provide by NIIT IFBI faculty. IFBI teachers have tremendous banking experience. Today, I have completed AML and KYC certifications and JAIIB from IIBF without any problem, owing to the training I received from IFBI. After two years at ICICI Bank, I applied to and was selected by Yes Bank. I got a promotion and almost a 100 percent hike in my salary package! I would like to thank IFBI and all my faculty members for helping me achieve these milestones”.

Name : Amit Kumar

Course & Center : PGDBO, Delhi

Qualification :

Company & Role : HDFC Bank, Branch Manager

“After I completed my graduation, I joined IFBI and was placed in ICICI Bank’s Pathankot branch. I am very thankful to IFBI/ICICI Bank for helping me in my career growth. Owing to my successful stint with ICICI Bank Mukerian, I managed to move to the HDFC Bank where I am now working as Deputy Manager”.

Name : Harshita Makhija

Course & Center : PGDBO, Lucknow

Company & Role : ICICI Bank, Officer

“On the first day that I reported at my branch, I was excited but also scared of the new environment. However, the friendly and warm atmosphere soon made me comfortable. With time, I learnt many new things and soon ICICI became ‘my company!’ I really love my work and I appreciate the support of my seniors at the workplace. IFBI helped me develop a sense of ownership and responsibility and this quality is clearly demonstrated by all IFBIians, who are working with different companies across India”.

Name : Manoj Garg

Course & Center : PGDBO, Delhi

Company & Role : HDFC Bank, Deputy Manager

“I heard about IFBI in 2006, in a CNBC TV18 program. I joined IFBI in 2006 and learnt many things from Jagmohan Soni sir. IFBI enabled me to get a job with ICICI Bank, which I joined in February, 2007. During my years at ICICI, I have won many contests and handled critical work like cash, demat, forex, wealth and customers. In 2010, I moved up the ladder and was appointed Deputy Manager at the bank. I really want to thank IFBI and Jagmohan Sir for helping me to get ahead in life and supporting me at all times. The time I spent at IFBI was great and helped me build a better future for myself. IFBI made my life! It gave me a good platform to perform and I learnt a lot during the course”.

Name : Annu Chadda

Course & Center : PGDBO, Nagpur

Qualification :

Company & Role : State Bank of India, Assistant

“All IFBI faculty members have great knowledge. Any time we had a query, they answered it proficiently. The role plays, assignments and exams conducted by IFBI helped us in the real banking world. My dreams came true via IFBI. Thank you so much”.

Name : Anupam Srivastava

Course & Center : PGDBO, Lucknow

Company & Role : Bestbull Stock Trading Pvt. Ltd, Branch Manager

“IFBI is a great platform to jump start a career in banking. The role plays and activities which we participated in, have proved to be really useful in our day-to-day professional life. During the IFBI course, we were taught communication skills that developed our personalities. We were offered interview tips which helped us to get selected. I still remember Tripathi Sir and Devendra Sir of IFBI Lucknow, who have helped shaped my life”.

Name : Satender Rohal

Course & Center : PGDBO, Bhubaneswar

Company & Role : Yes Bank, Branch Service Partner

“I don't have the words to describe the memorable moments I spent at IFBI. I just want to say that whatever I am doing today is a result of the guidance I received from faculty members at IFBI. The knowledge which they have imparted and the experience they have shared in a very interactive manner, has been very useful. My special thanks go to Anup Dwivedy Sir, Santosh Mahaptara Sir and the entire IFBI BBSR team, for their support. IFBI taught me the basics that were required in day-to-day banking. This helped me to contribute to branch operations from day 1. IFBI is a platform for talented freshers who want to make a career in the banking and finance sectors”.

Name : Aakash Sharma

Course & Center : PGDBO, Ahmedabad

Company & Role : Axis Bank, Deputy Manager

“I received an award from ICICI Bank for going beyond the call of duty and completed many other banking related certifications. The knowledge imparted by IFBI through its training sessions helped me to understand banking in a way that no fresher joining a bank ever could. The Finacle training that I received from IFBI enabled me to know about many software related entries which my branch seniors were not aware of.
We enjoyed all the sessions at IFBI as they were interactive and gave us the chance to share our opinions with each other. All the faculty members were very helpful and enabled us to know about every aspect of banking. Role plays helped me to fight the demons of stage fright that I had before joining IFBI. All the assignments and exams provided me with knowledge about day-to-day banking practices. IFBI gave me a chance to enter the banking sector and that too a bank like ICICI, a leading name in the field. I joined the bank as an officer even though I just had a Bachelor's degree. My other colleagues who joined as officers had MBAs or at least a Master's degree. For people really serious about building a career in banking, IFBI is a great place to be in”.